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Custom Laced Belt

Custom Laced Belt

Belts in these photos have been upgraded with a Sunburst Belt Buckle Set
Please visit the Belt Upgrade listing to purchase a buckle!

Stickney's custom laced belt is a long lasting belt that can be customized exactly how you want it! Match your lace and leather for a sophisticated, eleagant look. Or, cowgirl up and contrast your lace and leather for a fun pop of color. 

  • Laced Belt Disclaimers

    Laced belts are best made in 1.5" widths.

    When a buckle set has no belt tip, the tip will be made into an English Point.

    The hardware option is the selection for the basic buckle **ONLY**. If you want to add-on a buckle set (Buckle, keeper, tip), they only come in a silver color and are an additional cost.

Belt Base
Lace Color
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