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Tack Repair

Local customers can bring items in to be repaired at any time. Call ahead if you aren't sure something can be repaired. Pictures are great to help decide if I can fix or not.
Customers out of area can ship something to me if necessary. Please include a return label. Out of area customers must have an electronic payment method.

Halter Repair

The most common repairs among equestrians! I'll fix or replace anything!

Turn-Out Halters: Patches - $10 ea.

Crown Replacement: Double Crown - $22

Crown Replacement: Single Crown - $11

Adjustable Chin Replacement - $20

Bolt Replacement - $15

Nose Replacement - $18

Cheek Replacement - $18

Buckle Stay Replacement - $18

Flat Throat Replacement - $18

Round Throat Replacement - $30

Bridles & Reins

Most repairs with bridles require hand stitching. Anything requiring hand stitching starts at $18.

Blanket & Sheet Repair

Blanket strap repair and replacement. Minor rip or tear patches. Blankets must be CLEAN with minimal embedded hair. Blanket repairs start at $25.

Boots & Chaps

Limited repairs for boots. Will fix rivets for lacing holes, or buckles. Minor zipper repair.

Entirely situational!

Saddle Repairs

Repairs other than the services listed need to be determined in person.

English Saddles
Western Saddles

Replace short billets - $30 ea. or $140 for all 6

Replace long billets - $40 ea. or $130 for all 4

Lace Panels to Skirt - $135

Replace Saddle Strings: Nailed - $35 Per String

Replace Saddle Strings: Thru Tree - $65 Per String

Replace Stirrup Leathers - $150 pair

Should any of the safety features of the saddle be compromised, repairs will not be finished and the saddle will be deemed unsafe for use.

Odds & Ends

Sometimes those odds & ends are what matters most! Includes minor purse or wallet repair. Even minor upholstery fixes.

Tack Room

Cleaning & Conditioning Service

What to expect:

Stickney's C&C services are held to high standards. All cleaning & conditioning services include a thorough safety check.
We do not clean and condition horse blankets at this time.

Western Saddle C & C

No breakdown, basic safety check. Clean and condition using premium balms, oils, and soaps.

Starts at $120

Western Saddle C & C with breakdown

Saddle will be broken down and cleaned. Breakdown includes removing fenders, conchos, latigo and cinch keepers, billets and latigo. Seat and rear jockeys may be lifted. Full safety check.

Starts at $180

English Saddle C & C

No breakdown, basic safety check. Clean and condition using premium balms, oils, and soaps.

Starts at $120.

Bridle, Martingale, and Breastplate C & C

Cleaned carefully and thoroughly, all your tack will come back soft and supple. Safety checks for all buckles and high stress straps.

Bridles start at $65
Martingales and Breastplates start at $55

Boot and Shoe C & C

Cleaning and conditioning for any leather boot or shoe. Conditioned with premium balms to help resist water.

Starts at $35 per pair

Half Chaps and Chaps 
C & C

Chaps and half chaps will be cleaned inside and out, and conditioned with premium balms to help resist water.

Chaps start at $45
Half Chaps start at $25

People Accessories

Includes purses, belts, wallets, and bags. Faux leather items will not be serviced.

Starts at $25

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