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Belt Upgrade - Latigo Lining

Belt Upgrade - Latigo Lining

This item must be ordered with a belt! If this add-on does not get ordered with a belt, it will be cancelled and refunded. The belt you order will come with a Latigo lining! Getting more than one belt? Let me know in the order notes which belt it's for!

Oh, Latigo. Latigo is a type of leather, known for it's interesting tanning process, which makes it the strongest of most leathers. Latigo is tanned using both the Veg-Tan method, and the Chrome Tanning method.

This is the leather we use to keep saddles on horses, so, you know it's going to last forever behind a belt. It just so happens to regularly be this rich, yummy burgundy. If I could pick a leather to look at forever, it would be Latigo. There's just something so pleasing about this deep, endless color.

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